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About author Gail Bridges

In the jewelry studio.

Example of my handmade jewelry.

To see more, please visit my art website.​

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Playing the classical guitar.

To hear the Arvey-Francis Duo play, please visit our music website.

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With three of my five cats.



My real name is Evelyn Arvey.  


My erotica work is written under the pen name Gail Bridges to keep it clearly separated from the mainstream novels I write under my own name.


In the past I have worked in a variety of different areas - all of them creative in one way or another.  I have a BFA from the University of Washington in painting, and my art degree has served me well.  


For well over fifteen years I made award-winning Fine Art Jewelry (silver and handmade ceramics) and sold it at local and regional Fine Art and Craft shows.  My business, Vivid Arts, flourished. Three years ago, no longer able to deny the writing muse, I took an open-ended sabbatical from my art shows.


Since then, I’ve been writing full time, and have found my niche in erotica, especially erotic horror. I have three books published with Ellora's Cave - Paint Job, America's Darlings, and Inn on the Edge. My newest work, Over the Edge, is deliciously hot-and-scary erotic horror.


I also play the classical guitar.  My duo (please see link to left) has become well-regarded in the Seattle area, and we are currently working on recording tracks for our first CD.


I have three grown children. I live in Seattle, Washington with my wonderfully supportive husband and our five cats.


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