Evelyn Arvey's Published Titles

The Legacy of Mark Nipple


On the way to her brother's wedding, Samantha stops to pick up flowers and discovers her father isn't who she thought he was.


Short story, published August of 2012 in Pedestal Magazine.


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Cyclone Sidney


Thirteen-year-old Sidney is growing up, and her mother is navigating difficult waters.


Short story, published October 2012 in Stealing Time Magazine.


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Evelyn Arvey's Novels

The Third Rule



The Third Rule is science fiction.  It has gone through many versions, and I am currently finishing the last revision in preparation to sending it off to literary agents.


Here is a short synopsis: 


The Third Rule, a character-driven work of speculative fiction, is set in a barren gray world of the distant future, where everything from food to water to shelter must be painstakingly molded by hand from the living, clay-like ground. 


The Historical Anthropologists behind this empty, echoing habitat have kidnapped Elaine, a modern-day woman, and dumped her in it to see how “primitive humans” like ourselves cope under severe duress.  Alone, naked and terrified, Elaine quickly realizes it is up to her to make the many things she needs to survive.


What she doesn’t realize is that the Historical  Anthropologists are watching and commenting on her every move, and that, to them, she is little more than a two-legged lab rat. 


Elaine eventually manages to build – literally – a life for herself, and, later, for two other captives.  They forge a tiny community within their habitat, building homes and wind-up cars and rhododendron bushes; staging plays and holding classes for each other, playing Marco Polo in Elaine’s hand-excavated swimming pool – until it all comes crashing down. 


The world around them begins to rot, to turn slimy, to poison their food and air.  Elaine must rescue herself and her friends from this toxic, disintegrating world, and ultimately, confront the Historical Anthropologist of the future who put her there.  



Village of White Tents:

a Memoir

Village of White Tents is my second book.  It is the story of my life as an artist, about my discoveries of the world of Fine Arts and Craft Shows, about my relationships with my husband and my children, and about myself.


I am currently seeking representation for Village of White Tents.


Here is a short synopsis:


I am an award-winning artist and a fifteen-year veteran of over 150 Fine Art Fairs.  I am also something I never dreamed I would be: the owner of a small business.  My 83,000-word memoir Village of White Tents tells the story of my torturous – yet undeniably amusing – journey from clueless novice to successful jeweler and ceramicist.


Admittedly, I’d rather spend all day fooling around in my art studio than working on growing my business.  Developing a mailing list?  Researching shows?  Figuring out tax rates?  Dull, dull, dull.  I’m anartist!  Let me turn my radio up.  Let me sink my arms into a vat of clammy clay and mash it between my fingers.  Let me try sixteen different designs and eight different glazes until the piece I’m working on is utter perfection.  Just try to tell me my face isn’t glowing.  



IN THE VILLAGE OF WHITE TENTS is a testament to the joy of creating.  During the six years the book covers, I begin to trust my artistic instincts.  I learn the ins-and-outs of doing fine art shows and become part of a community of like-minded artists that take care of their own.  Best of all, I fall in love all over again with my husband. 


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